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About The C.G.G.A. Network:

Being a C.G.G.A woman is more than just an acronym, it’s a LIFESTYLE!

A C.G.G.A. is an extraordinary woman who has the faith, confidence, discipline, and ambition to conquer life challenges and fulfill everything she sets her mind to!

About The C.G.G.A. Academy:

The C.G.G.A. Academy is a growing platform of courses, programs, and resources all designed to help women elevate their faith, mindsets, confidence, and habits so they can experience more success, joy, and freedom in every area of their lives! 

Get ready to transform into a women who: 

  • Walks in confidence knowing who she is and loving everythhing about who God created her to be!

  • Overcomes her deepest fears and doubts so she can consistently walks in her purpose BOLDY & FEARLESSLY!

  • Has an unshakable relationship with God that helps increase her trust, faith, and obedience to Him!

  • Masters productive habits / routines that helps her have more success in her personal and professional life!

Meet Your Coach Stephanie!

Stephanie is a motivational speaker, coach, mentor, and overall dynamic woman of God. She has been using her story and expertise for the past 6 years to empower and inspire girls / women to reach their fullest potential in life.

Her passion comes from her own experience with struggling with her identity and self-worth 8 years ago. However, after coming face to face with the fact that she wasn’t happy with herself nor where she was in life, She decided TO MAKE A CHANGE! She elevated her mindset, habits, and most importantly her faith in God to be the woman she is proud to be today. Now she uses her testimony and her proven strategies to help other women change their lives to become the woman they desire to be!!

Stephanie holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master‘s Degree in Organizational Leadership with a focus on training and management. Everyday she uses her educational background to create various forms of resources to further maximize her client’s transformation and their coaching experience. 

Stephanie believes that any woman, regardless of what she’s been through, or what she believes about her self, can be TRANSFORMED into a woman who walks in CONFIDENCE, FAITH, and FEARLESSNESS! She desires to see more women striving for SUCCESS in every area of their lives no matter what obstacles come their way!

 Her mission is to help build up a new generation of leaders that are using their God-given gifts to make an impact in this world!


”I have purchased several masterclasses from Stephanie, and every time she packs her lessons with great information that is nicely organized, clear, and very easy to follow. I love that everything she shares, I can apply to my life immediately to get the results that I’m looking for. Her teachings are always right on time, and are truly a gift from God!“ -Priscilla

Stephanie’s testimony is one to uplift and inspire! She made me believe that I too can achieve what God has in store for me FEARLESSLY, as long as I listen to God’s voice and challenge myself everyday to be obedient. -Ayrriel

The Becoming a C.G.G.A. Woman mini course motivated me to become more disciplined and confident! Stephanie provided very practical steps that helped me to create a plan for myself so I can avoid procrastinating and achieve my personal and faith goals! -Lenzie

This mini course was exactly what I NEEDED to give me the confidence to pursue the vision/purpose that God placed in my heart years ago! For soo long, I let fear STOP me from being obedient to what God wanted to do in my life. Stephanie did a great job providing practical examples to how we can overcome our own doubts and insecurities by teaching us how to lean on the guidance and direction of God! This course has forever changed my life, and is why I am walking in my purpose today! -Kyndal

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